Luke Sermon Title

LUKE 24:13-53
The Saviour Ascended
(Preached 28/04/2019 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 23:50-24:12
The Saviour Risen from the Dead
(Preached 21/04/2019 by Luke Jenkin)

LUKE 23 50 – 24 12 Sermon Transcript


LUKE 23:26-49
The Saviour on a Cross
(Preached 19/04/2019 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 22:66-23:25
The Saviour on Trial
(Preached 14/04/2019 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 22:39-65
The Saviour Scorned
(Preached 07/04/2019 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 22:1-38
The Saviour’s Last Supper
(Preached 31/03/2019 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 21:5-38
The Saviour’s Kingdom to Come
(Preached 24/03/2019 by Daniel Barden)


LUKE 19:45-21:4
The Saviour Under Fire
(Preached 17/03/2019 by Daniel Barden)


LUKE 19:28-44
The Saviour Enters Jerusalem
(Preached 10/03/2019 by Daniel Barden)


LUKE 19:11-27
The Judge Will Return
(Preached 24/06/2018 by Ben Cochrane)

*We apologise that there is no audio recording of this sermon


LUKE 19:1-10
A Saviour Who Seeks Sinners
(Preached 17/06/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 18:31-43
A Blind Man Sees the Messiah
(Preached 10/06/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 18:9-30
What Must I do to Inherit Eternal Life?
(Preached 03/06/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 18:1-8
A Just God Who Hears
(Preached 29/04/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 17:20-37
A Kingdom But First Rejection and Suffering
(Preached 22/04/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 17:11-19
A Grateful Samaritan
(Preached 15/04/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 17:1-10
The Disciple’s Duty 
(Preached 18/03/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 16:1-31
In a Rich Man’s World 
(Preached 11/03/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 15:1-32
Lost & Found 
(Preached 04/03/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 14:25-35
Consider Carefully the Demands of Discipleship 
(Preached 25/02/2018 by Daniel Barden)


LUKE 14:1-24
Uncomfortable Table Talk
(Preached 18/02/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 13:22-35
O Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
(Preached 11/02/2018 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 13:10-21
A Kingdom of Humble of Beginnings
(Preached 27/08/2017 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 13:1-9
Repent While You Can
(Preached 20/08/2017 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 12:35-59
Be Ready
(Preached 13/08/2017 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 12:13-34
Lasting Riches
(Preached 06/08/2017 by Daniel Barden)


LUKE 12:1-12
A Bright Future in a Dark World
(Preached 30/07/2017 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 11:37-54
Woe to the Old Guard
(Preached 23/07/2017 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 11:14-36
Seeing All Wrong
(Preached 16/07/2017 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 11:1-13
When You Pray, Say…
(Preached 09/07/2017 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 10:25-42
Loving Neighbour; Loving Jesus
(Preached 02/07/2017 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 10:1-24
The Nature of Being Sent
(Preached 25/06/2017 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 9:51-62
Discipleship—Bit Hot; Bit Cold; Horribly Wrong
(Preached 18/06/2017 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 9:37-50
Dumbfounded Disciples
(Preached 11/12/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 9:23-36
The Glory of Christ
(Preached 04/12/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 9:7-22
Jesus, the Christ of God
(Preached 27/11/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 8:40-56
Lord Over Disease & Death
(Preached 30/10/2016 by Ben Cochrane)


LUKE 8:22-39
Lord Over the Forces of Chaos & Darkness
(Preached 23/10/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 8:1-21
Hear & Heed
(Preached 16/10/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 7:36-50
Great Forgiveness Produces Great Love
(Preached 09/10/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 7:18-35
The Frazzled Forerunner
(Preached 02/10/2016 by Ben Cochrane)

*Audio recording to come!


LUKE 7:1-17
Amazing Faith & Awestruck Praise
(Preached 25/09/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 6:12-49
The Sermon on the Plain
(Preached 18/09/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 5:33-6:11
Here Come the Pharisees
(Preached 11/09/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 5:27-32
Dining with the Dodgy
(Preached 04/09/2016 by Daniel Barden)


LUKE 5:12-26
Cleansed & Forgiven
(Preached 28/08/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 5:1-11
Gone Fishin’
(Preached 21/08/2016 by Luke Jenkin)

*We apologise that no audio recording can be made available for this sermon


LUKE 4:31-44
The Priority of Preaching
(Preached 15/05/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 4:14-30
No Prophet is Accepted in his Hometown
(Preached 08/05/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 4:1-13
It is Written
(Preached 01/05/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 3:21-38
Jesus the Beloved Son of God
(Preached 24/04/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 3:1-20
He Will Baptise You with the Holy Spirit and with Fire
(Preached 17/04/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 2:40-52
And Jesus Grew in Wisdom and Stature and in Favour with God and Men
(Preached 03/01/2016 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 2:21-39
The Nunc Dimittis
(Preached 27/12/2015 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 2:1-20
Christ the Lord Lying in a Manger
(Preached 25/12/2015 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 1:57-80
The Benedictus
(Preached 20/12/2015 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 1:39-56
The Magnificat
(Preached 13/12/2015 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 1:26-38
The Holy One to be Born will be Called the Son of God
(Preached 06/12/2015 by Luke Jenkin)


LUKE 1:1-25
“To Make Ready a People Prepared for the Lord”
(Preached 29/11/2015 by Luke Jenkin)